. . . Why not? And more importantly, why has it taken so long? This is the question I asked myself when I started telepsychology. It's odd to think that technology has vastly improved the user experience in so many different industries, yet psychology has not historically kept up to speed.

Countless studies have demonstrated equivalent outcomes between telepsychology and in-person therapies, so why might some psychologists be slow to warm to the idea? Dr. Ofer Zur published an eye-opening article in The California Psychologist in 2012 titled “TelePsychology or TeleMentalHealth in the Digital Age: The Future is Here”. He concisely summarized the efficacy of telepsychology as well as outlined psychologists’ resistance to digital technologies. So what’s the hold up?

Dr. Zur described psychologists’ discomfort with technologies, generational effects, lack of flexibility within the profession and belief that in-person therapies are superior to delivery via digital means. While some of these factors may feel like reason enough for some psychologists to shy away from telepsychology, the fact is that psychologists have the ability to impact the field of mental health in a major way.

By bringing psychotherapy and psychological services to people in a more accessible manner via telepsychology, psychologists can significantly expand their services and bring needed care to those who may not otherwise be able to access it. This is patient-centered care in its purest form, and it also results in provider-centered care by giving psychologists just as much flexibility and control in the process.

As a psychologist myself, I have seen the benefits of telepsychology first hand. On my own journey to find a digital platform that would work for my private practice needs, I was met with many limitations that admittedly decreased my confidence in available technologies. So, my business partner and I set out to create our own option.

Did we experience doubts? Of course. Was there a steep learning curve? Absolutely. Did we ever consider giving up? Sure . . . but the fact is we didn’t.

Session Sync is different. It gives psychologists control of their own business and clinical decisions, and it gives patients expanded access to available therapies. We live in a time where health technologies allow us to do more and Session Sync has created a customized path with you in mind.

Sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone is the best decision you could ever make. It certainly was for us!