Session Sync was developed with the central mission of serving both patients and psychologists. When mental health care is provided in a way that respects both, we believe care is higher quality, better tailored and more successful. With Session Sync, barriers are removed. No need to worry about things like travel, traffic, parking, time off, etc. Treatment is more accessible, flexible, and private.

Telehealth has vastly expanded the field of mental health, and Session Sync is proud to be part of this growing trend. Today’s technology affords patients and psychologists options that best suit their needs and lifestyle. With a web-cam enabled device and secure internet connection, services can be performed in the comfort of practically any environment.

We have designed Session Sync to be as welcoming as possible. Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience, Session Sync operates with you in mind. By challenging the norm, thinking innovatively and bringing resources together we strive to enhance the lives of others and evolve the future of mental health care.

About Us

How did it all begin? To be honest, owning a business was actually never a consideration for either of us. What started as a simple idea for solo private practice transformed into an opportunity for psychologists nationwide.

Andrea has worked in the field of psychology for over 15 years and Kurt has worked in management and insurance for over 20 years. After providing ongoing telehealth psychotherapy at a hospital agency, Andrea wanted to bring the same opportunity to private practice. She began researching how to make this happen and, in the process, mentioned the idea to Kurt. Without hesitation, Kurt said, “That’s a good idea. Don’t you think other psychologists might want to do the same?”. It was in this simple question that Session Sync was born.

Our Founders

Andrea Scott, Ph.D.

The potential to influence the field of psychology and peoples’ lives in a positive and meaningful way is what ultimately inspired Andrea and Kurtis to launch the site.

While telehealth psychotherapy was not a formal part of Andrea’s graduate or clinical training, she quickly saw the benefits during one of her first staff positions. Telehealth transformed the way she delivered therapy both individually and in groups.

With more patients seeking this option and more psychologists gaining telehealth experience, Session Sync aims to expand psychological services and bring psychologists and patients together in a way that has never been done before.

Together with Kurtis, Andrea is proud of this new endeavor, grateful for the opportunity to make a difference, and excited for what’s ahead.

Kurtis Williams, MBA

“Dreams are the most profound when they seem the most crazy” – Sigmund Freud

Kurtis helps businesses and individuals improve customer service, capitalize on their core strengths and work more efficiently.

Prior to taking on his role at Session Sync, Kurtis gained experience in management and subject-matter expert roles with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to family-owned small businesses. He has also been featured as a speaker at technology events such as IBM Watson’s Business of AI.

When seeing the far-reaching societal and cultural impact that telehealth psychology could provide, Kurtis was determined to collaborate with Andrea and take the dream of Session Sync from concept to reality.