Dr. Martin Marrazo

Dr. Martin Marrazo

(518) 323-7747

Areas of Focus
  • Anger
  • Couples/Relationships
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Divorce
  • Law Enforcement/Military
  • Middle Aged
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma/PTSD
Gender: Male

License No. and State:

License No. State
004777 New York

Professional Statement

My name is Dr. Martin Marrazo.

Welcome … and thank you for visiting my profile.

After you review my profile, please feel free to message me or call me. Then, we can make an appointment for a 30-minute conversation so you can decide if I would be the right psychologist for you.

Early in my practice, I learned something critically important that became the foundation of how I conducted counseling. Many of my patients told me that my personal style of therapy was the most important part of treatment. Patients told me that I was a good listener, and they knew I cared about them by virtue of what I said and what I did. At the end of the first session, patients often tell me they feel better and more optimistic because I tell them my interpretation of what they shared with me, I give them positive feedback, I discuss a positive plan of action, and they leave the session with homework and hope for change. I Also typically let my patients know that they can discuss anything with me, even things that they feel are embarrassing and would be afraid to say, because I tell them clearly, “This is the no-judgment zone. I do not judge you.” And when a patient has little or no hope for change, I will say, “We can handle this. We will not give up”, and I mean it.

Over the years, I have learned how to create a good, strong, clinical relationship with almost anyone who has come to me for treatment. I love helping people. My passion is my practice!


Dr. Marrazo

Individual psychotherapy

I began my full-time private practice about 40 years ago in the Albany New York area. I work with couples and adults of all ages who are experiencing problems ranging from marital and relationship conflict to managing persistent, stress-related physical disorders. Most often, I work with people who have sought counseling due to conflict in personal relationships and relationships at work, with feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, and guilt. My approach to treatment is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). However, I hardly reference the term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and I simply incorporate into our discussions CBT strategies, problem-solving, goal setting, and numerous positive psychological strategies many of which, I have personally developed over the course of my career. I do not have one specific style to treat everyone. Instead, I always adjust my therapeutic approach to the needs and personality of each, individual person. I will work with you, with your needs and style, to help you deal with your problems and the feelings resulting from your problems. We will work together to strengthen your confidence, create opportunities for change, set goals, and build positive plans. These important steps will be aimed at helping you manage and overcome anxiety, depression, and any other significant distress you may be experiencing, to reach your personal goals. I believe you can overcome your problems and I will help you find the solutions. I believe in you!

Psychotherapy works best when the therapist and patient have formed a close therapeutic alliance so that they can explore thoughts, feelings, life experiences, and relationship issues. I will listen to you attentively and ask questions in a respectful and caring manner. My questions and suggestions will help you understand your feelings and problems better. Then you can make good decisions that will help you take positive action. Taking positive action can change your emotional upset and lead you to further steps to overcome problems and reach your goals. I have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of clinical problems. I have helped many people change their lives. I can help you too.

Relationship therapy

I work with couples who are married or partners who are not married but in a committed relationship. Couples often come in for joint counseling when they are:

• Experiencing communication that has become strained or almost nonexistent
• Feeling distant from one another and frequently feeling hurt, angry, and
• Sensing a clear loss of emotional and/or physical intimacy
• Frequently in conflict with no resolution
• Arguing repeatedly with arguments that escalate to become very hurtful
• Struggling to maintain or save their love relationship

If you have experienced some of these interactions with your partner, I would like to help you. I have worked with many, many couples over my long career. It is one of the things that I specialize in. Couples counseling can help. I will do my very best to help you.

A Brief Review of My Career

In 1983, I initiated Behavioral Health Specialists (BHS). Over time, BHS grew to become a comprehensive psychological treatment center located at the Medical-Dental Center in Latham New York. BHS grew to be a staff of 18 therapists and 8 administrative staff, at three practice locations. I was the owner and Clinical Director of the group and I was seeing approximately 40 patients a week for individual or marital therapy. After 25 years, I decided to return to solo private practice and that continues until the present time.

From 1984 until the present, I have been a consultant to the Town of Colonie. As a consultant, I provide psychological assistance to employees who are experiencing stress-related and work-related problems. I also provide employment psychological evaluations for police officers and EMS candidates.

From 1994 until 2006, I served as the Area Clinician for the Drug Enforcement Administration's Employee Assistance Program. As the Area Clinician, I provided EAP services to DEA employees who worked in Albany, Syracuse, and New York City.

Prior to my career in private practice, I was also employed as the Coordinator of a 25-bed inpatient Behavioral Therapy Unit, at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Albany, New York, I was also the Liaison Psychologist for the Rehabilitation Medicine Service and the Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Management Program.

Teaching Experience

As a graduate student at Kent State University, I taught an undergraduate course in experimental psychology (without pay). I also taught three undergraduate and graduate courses at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, New York.


National Institute of Mental Health Fellowship, at Kent State University.

Certifications Past and Present

Certified Professional in Biofeedback, American Association of Biofeedback Clinicians, past.
Certified Professional in Biofeedback, Biofeedback Certification Institute of America, past.
Licensed Psychologist, N.Y. State Education Department, current.
Listed in The National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology for 29 years, past.

Current Professional Associations

Member, American Psychological Association

Specialty Areas

Couples Counseling

Cognitive Behavioral Individual Therapy

Psychological Management of stress-related physical disorders

Consulting Positions, Current and Past

Town of Colonie, including the Police Department, the Emergency Medical Services, and the EAP program – Current.

International Center for Leadership in Education, Inc., Senior Consultant.

New York State Employee Health Service and numerous other departments.

Several police departments in the Capital District of New York

Clinical Publications

Marrazo, M. J., Hickling, E., & Sison, G. The Combined Use of Rational-Emotive Therapy and
Biofeedback in the Treatment of Childhood Migraine, Journal of Rational-Emotive Therapy.

McCaffrey, R. J. Hickling, E.J., & Marrazo, M.J. Civilian-related Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Assessment-related Issues. Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Books Published

Daggett, W. and Marrazo, M.J. Solving Problems/Making Decisions, Southwestern Publishing.

Martin J. Marrazo, Ph.D., and Willard Daggett, Ed. D., Character-Centered Teaching, Published by the International Center for Leadership in Education, Rexford, NY.

Richard D. Jones, Ph.D., Martin J. Marrazo, Ph.D. and Carolyn Love, Ph.D., Student Engagement – Creating a Culture of Academic Achievement, Published by the International Center for Leadership in Education, Rexford, NY.


  • Kent State University, Ohio - Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with dual Specialization in both Clinical and Experimental Psychology
  • Kent State University, Ohio - MA in Psychology
  • Rutgers, The State University, New Jersey - BA in Psychology

Prices & Payments

Service Price Duration
Initial Evaluation $125 60 minutes
Individual Psychotherapy $125 45 minutes
Couples Therapy $125 45 minutes