Dr. Dug Lebel

Dr. Dug Lebel

Areas of Focus
  • Couples/Relationships
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Women (Gender-Specific Care)
Gender: Female

License No. and State:

License No. State
PSY004561 Georgia
E.Passport 9761 Alabama
E.Passport 9761 Arizona
E.Passport 9761 Arkansas
E.Passport 9761 Colorado
E.Passport 9761 Delaware
E.Passport 9761 District Of Columbia
PSY-1915 Hawaii
E.Passport 9761 Idaho
E.Passport 9761 Illinois
E.Passport 9761 Indiana
E.Passport 9761 Kansas
E.Passport 9761 Kentucky
E.Passport 9761 Maine
E.Passport 9761 Maryland
E.Passport 9761 Minnesota
E.Passport 9761 Missouri
E.Passport 9761 Nebraska
E.Passport 9761 Nevada
E.Passport 9761 New Hampshire
E.Passport 9761 New Jersey
E.Passport 9761 North Carolina
E.Passport 9761 Ohio
E.Passport 9761 Oklahoma
E.Passport 9761 Pennsylvania
E.Passport 9761 Texas
E.Passport 9761 Utah
E.Passport 9761 Virginia
PY60415676 Washington
E.Passport 9761 West Virginia
E.Passport 9761 Wisconsin

Professional Statement

I give priority space to clients of color because of the lack of availability of clinicians of color. Additionally, I treat couples and am running two therapy groups: 1) teens who identify as female or nonbinary and 2) adults who identify as female or nonbinary.

My specialty is people who cannot get out of their heads and put themselves into a thinking spiral that effectively overwhelms and paralyzes them. The work that we do together takes place over 12 sessions where I incorporate artistic and creative strategies and help move you from Overthinking to Being.


I have been a mental health provider since 2006, a clinical psychologist since 2014, and board-certified as a Couple and Family Psychologist (CFP) since 2018. Being a CFP means that my approach is focused on the big picture, or the whole system. Many times, the problems that we experience are part of our larger life ecosystem. In that ecosystem, we unwittingly engage in patterns of interactions and behaviors that reinforce old messages that may no longer serve us. A big part of the work you will do is to identify those patterns, clarify what you actually want and need, and make an intentional commitment to your desired life.

  • Fielding Graduate University - PhD Clinical Psychology
  • American Board of Professional Psychology - Board Certified Couple and Family Psychologist #8804

Prices & Payments

Service Price Duration
Initial Session $250 75 min
Individual/Couple Therapy $250 75 min
Individual/Couple Therapy $200 60 min
Individual/Couple Therapy $150 45 min
Individual/Couple Therapy $125 30 min