Dr. Cindy Feng

Dr. Cindy Feng

Areas of Focus
  • Adolescence
  • Caregiver Support
  • College/Work Stress
  • Couples/Relationships
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Divorce
  • Family/Parenting
  • Grief/Loss
  • Health & Wellness
  • LGBTQ+
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Sexuality
  • Sleep
  • Spirituality/Faith
  • Stress Management
  • Terminal Illness
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Weight
  • Young Adult
Gender: Female

License No. and State:

License No. State
E.Passport 5339 Alabama
E.Passport 5339 Arizona
E.Passport 5339 Arkansas
PSY29579 California
PSY.0005307 Colorado
E.Passport 5339 Delaware
E.Passport 5339 District Of Columbia
E.Passport 5339 Georgia
E.Passport 5339 Idaho
E.Passport 5339 Illinois
E.Passport 5339 Indiana
E.Passport 5339 Kansas
E.Passport 5339 Kentucky
E.Passport 5339 Maine
E.Passport 5339 Maryland
E.Passport 5339 Minnesota
E.Passport 5339 Missouri
E.Passport 5339 Nebraska
E.Passport 5339 Nevada
E.Passport 5339 New Hampshire
E.Passport 5339 New Jersey
E.Passport 5339 North Carolina
023906 New York
E.Passport 5339 Ohio
E.Passport 5339 Oklahoma
E.Passport 5339 Pennsylvania
E.Passport 5339 Tennessee
E.Passport 5339 Texas
E.Passport 5339 Utah
0810007225 Virginia
E.Passport 5339 Washington
E.Passport 5339 West Virginia
E.Passport 5339 Wisconsin

Professional Statement

Psychotherapy can prove to be a very meaningful experience of growth and healing. I understand how hard it can be to find a quality therapist with whom you feel a strong connection, someone who not only understands your circumstances, but who also gets you as a person. I am a licensed psychologist experienced in treating complex psychological challenges. Drawing from an integrative and sensitive approach, my engaging rapport helps you connect the dots in your life. As an active and compassionate listener, together we will brainstorm creative solutions to your concerns.

I specialize in helping adults and couples who are struggling with careers, relational conflicts, trauma, and family. I also work closely with teens who struggle with anxiety, academic stressors, and self-esteem. I approach therapy with empathy, curiosity, and openness. I would like to help you to live each day with the happiness you deserve.


I am a licensed psychologist. I received my PsyD from Rutgers University, JD from Harvard Law School, and BA from Yale University. I have extensive evidence-based training in a diverse range of settings: community outpatient clinic, private practice, correctional, and hospital. I treat anxiety, depression, bereavement, self-esteem issues, conflict resolution, impulse control, personality disorders, relationship problems, work issues, career transitions, and trauma. I specialize in working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and I approach therapy with thoughtfulness, curiosity, and compassion. As someone who has lived in diverse regions of the globe (South Africa, Angola, Taiwan, Singapore, and United States), I am culturally aware and sensitive to each individual’s unique background and journeys. When helping you navigate complex personal, professional, and developmental conundrums, I have an empathic and insightful style while integrating nuanced theoretical and clinical conceptualizations.

  • Rutgers University - Psy.D.

Prices & Payments

Service Price Duration
Individual Therapy $285 50 min
Couples Therapy $325 50 min